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Shawn Wheeland (Shawn) is the co-owner and COO of several US based e-Businesses. With the thirty-two years working within the Direct Sales Industry, Shawn speaks on leadership, team-building and business development.

Before founding JGO, Inc. in 2004, Shawn built Direct Sales teams with New Image International, Inc., Nu Creations, Inc., and Malibu Naturals, Inc. In 2000, He and his team designed and released the very first Online interview system,, Inc., (HB2). More recently they redesigned this system creating a very unique process for selecting (interviewing) key people while utilizing an enterprise level CRM. is the secret weapon utilized by many professionals.

With the popularity of the original HB2 System, Shawn’s team transitioned into designing and building custom web-properties for company owners and industry leaders.

Shawn is the author of several personal development and industry education e-zines and e-books. His future books titled “Seven Disciplines of Highly Fit People™” and “The Ambassador Effect™” will lift the reader, providing clear and specific leadership and business development direction.

His uncanny ability to pay attention allows Shawn to see beyond the obvious, making him the perfect person to oversee the development of modern e-companies. His true concern for the success of others echoes throughout the entire organizational designs. “Value-Focused verses Dollar-Focused” designs have become his fingerprint. His company designs are vibrant upbeat environments keeping the Affiliates/Team Members best interest intertwined in each business decision. His company designs produce tremendous numbers with the most efficient, most energized/incentivized teams.

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The “JGO Environmental Placement Memorandum” is one of many cutting edge company Memorandums built by Shawn and his team. Bringing public awareness to the healthy consumption of high pH water, the “Wet Water pH™” project set a new standard for many to follow.


The Pure by JGO™ accreditation course built by MaryK and Shawn is comprehensive study on the harmful chemicals found in products commonly used everyday. Each participant graduated after completing a comprehensive exam qualifying them as an accredited representative of the Pure by JGO™ skin care line.


The course consists of comprehensive success principles used to builds mega million-dollar organization.


The New University course consists of comprehensive success principles used to builds mega million-dollar organization. When Tae bo went MLM they contracted with Shawn to design their entire Distributor course and marketing system.


The New Image University consists of content from many leaders within the company. Mary Kay and Shawn both have direct involvement in the New Image, Inc. success story.


Because the message “Stop selling, Stop Recruiting, and Start Interviewing was so well received by Million of network team builders the author of “Network Marketing for Dummies” sought out Shawn for his insights.

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