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Are you ready to have MORE FREEDOM in your life? Are you ready to live life on YOUR OWN TERMS? Do you want to achieve the WEALTH you have always desired to live the lifestyle you want?

My name is Shawn Wheeland. After 32 years of successful team-building, mentoring, and developing both online and offline systems. It has been my passion to develop leaders and help them achieve their dream lifestyle through mastering the art of relationship capital.

My goal is to show you how you become the leader you were born to be and leverage our systems and relationship building strategies to create the LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. Join our community of believers, change-makers, and leaders who are changing the way we do business globally. The founding philosophies of my companies are rooted in a desire to empower leaders with opportunities that aid self-expression and provide the flexibility, resources, and training needed to build a great career and better life. Register to receive “digital insights” to my new book “The Ambassador Effect” – www.theambassadoreffect.com.

While I have been able to generate a lot of money throughout my career, my greatest testimony lives in the success stories of those of whom I was privileged to work with and mentor. I invite you to come along this journey with me.

-Shawn Wheeland

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